Windows System WinCE System   Embedded System  
User friendly operation interface with a versatile software function, provides multi-head or wide range printing needs.
A compact and cost-efficient system to work reliably in the most demanding of production environmentss.
--DJ45, DJ320, DJ340
  The most cost-efficient with high speed printer type, with the features of reliability and ease of use, suitable for regular coding and marking solutions.
--DJ800, DJ1
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Dotjet Inc. was established in 1998 and have been owning the wealth of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing for DOD printers.
  Our company’s goal is to develop and deliver high-quality coding, marking products with the feature of cost-efficient into the market. We are committed to ensuring that Dotjet will continue to introduce innovative, robust printing systems within short timescales.
  Dotjet is not only focused on the products development but also act
in the shortest leadtime of shipping and the quickest response to customers request. Contact us to discover the capability, flexibility and friendliness of Dotjet’s team-work.
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